"I am extremely grateful and honored to have the ability to pursue the unimaginable in a way that Timothy would have. This opportunity stretches beyond the scholarship; the O’Shaughnessy family has cultivated an intellectual, compassionate group of students who have become a community, and I look forward to their mentorship.”

Katherine Grace

High School:

Wichita Collegiate, 2023
Wichita, KS

Activities and Interests:

Katherine Grace was born and raised in Wichita, Kansas. Her parents are Jeff and Allison, and she has a younger brother, Jack. She is currently a lifelong student at Wichita Collegiate High School, and she looks forward to making a college decision in the near future. 

As a student at WCS, Katherine has involved herself in a variety of extra-curricular activities. She has enjoyed competing in volleyball, basketball, and swim over her four years at Collegiate. During her junior and senior years, she had the opportunity to serve as a captain for these teams. She learned many of the leadership, integrity, and inclusivity values that Timothy stood for from these unique experiences.

Katherine serves as the Student Body President for Wichita Collegiate and has been a four-year member of the Student Council. She loves serving in a leadership role in other clubs at her school as well such as DECA, Pro-Humanitate Student Forum, and Model UN. She has thoroughly enjoyed serving her Collegiate and Wichita communities. These clubs have taught Katherine to be a Polymath and iconoclastic like Timothy. 

One of her favorite high school activities has been debate and forensics. She has appreciated learning how to research, public speak, and critically think. Katherine has debated for and against national resolutions such as substantial increases in foreign arms sales, criminal justice reform, water resources, and security cooperation with NATO in artificial intelligence, biotechnology, and cyber security. This activity has taught her how to challenge the status quo and always strive for intellectual curiosity.

While unsure about where Katherine will spend her next four years, she knows that she wants to major in business administration and management on a pre-law track. Eventually, Katherine wants to obtain a J.D. and MBA. She wishes to travel abroad, intern, and involve herself on her future campus while in college. She feels incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to do everything she dreams of through the help of the Timothy O’Shaughnessy Scholarship.