Remembering Tim

"Friendship is a rite of passage. All of us are traveling on a road that goes somewhere. The satisfaction of reaching a destination on that road however, will be sadly lacking if there is no one to share in your triumph. At some time in the future the paths of all friends will be divided, but it is my supreme hope that in the end, my friends and I will reunite in some way. Perhaps in different places or perhaps even in different lives, but to reach that place where we are headed and have those friends of whom you started with, would be amongst the greatest joys."

-Timothy O’Shaughnessy, "The Good Life."

“Never in my life had I come across a person more beautiful, genuine, pure and bright than Tim. He had this giant delicate and humble heart that drew people to him like a magnet. In our class without exaggeration he was considered to be the guy with deepest insights and greatest passion and curiosity for exploring life.” - Ksenia Lobonova, Vladivostok, Russia

“Tim was the most insightful and well-versed person that I have ever met. Always willing to float ideas, particularly over a beer from business ideas to politics to reunions, all at the same evening. That was Tim. He was a true enigma, utter brilliance that was absolute joy to be around.” -Tim Edmunds, Sydney, Australia

“Tim was humble when he had every excuse not to be. Always more proud of his friends and family’s accomplishments above his own. A cross-cultural renaissance man. The most interesting man in the world.” - Jordan Blumenthal, Shanghai

“If you met Tim, spent a day or two with him, you would be far more likely to report that he was one of the nicest people you’d ever met than the smartest…Tim’s mind was something special. Tim was remarkably smart—a sparkling intellect. He was the most unassuming, humble genius I’ve ever met. What I loved about Tim was that always figured things out for himself, perhaps because he was smarter than most of the people who had written about the things that interested him. This approach—ignoring convention, finding his own way—manifested constantly. Tim’s life reads like an adventure story, a story that very few could hope to match in a lifetime, let alone 32 years. And yet I think his guiding principles were very simple: be good, be kind, love your family and friends, and explore. I’m in awe of the life he led living by these principles. I keep coming back, though, to his kindness and generosity. His actions themselves were, of course, wonderful. But even greater is the fact that his kindness will echo in the lives of those fortunate to have known him, because those acts of kindness serve as examples to emulate. His particular kindness towards me shapes me and my actions still. It will continue to do so.” - Patrick O’Shaughnessy (cousin), Greenwich, Connecticut

“Tim's great nature, knowledge of all subjects and enthusiasm for life was infectious and led to many a great discussion and a great friendship. I have never known someone to be so loved by so many people and I hope he can be a role model to how we live our lives in the future.” - Fraser Smith, Hong Kong

“Timothy had smart ideas, lots of knowledge, and an interesting new perspective. I thought he will either take over the business-world or become president of the USA.” - Niklas Vesely, Germany

“Tim was always such a humble person except when it came to standing up for his loved ones and for what he believed was right...I will miss our passionate debates about everything from international relations to politics. It was in order to meet people like you that a lot of us chose to pursue an MBA. You will always be remembered for your passion, intelligence, and love of people from different backgrounds and walks of life.” -Daniel Palma de Seixas Bogota, Columbia

"Travelling with Tim throughout China was a real treat, he was a brilliant guy and had so many wonderful qualities, and he was on the cusp of doing some great things in business that would have rivaled Gerry's many accomplishments and then some. I will always remember his signature chuckle. I will never forget how awe struck every Chinese person was in hearing Tim speak Chinese... it was truly a sight to see.” - Ryan O’Shaughnessy (cousin), Denver

"I still remember the first time we met in campus and you really amazed me with your fluent mandarin. We formed a team to run China club...For me you are a good friend, smart and humble. I have never seen a foreigner who understands Chinese culture so much. Bro I really miss you." - Derek Shen, China

“Timothy had such an amazing sense of adventure...Timothy was never afraid to explore new places and instilled a sense of adventure and confidence in those around him. Sometimes I would worry about him traveling about in unknown lands by himself but I also knew that he was completely comfortable in solitude. Most people would be nervous to travel to a remote Chinese province and be the only Westerner around for hundreds of miles but not Tim. He simply looked forward to what he was about to discover….Like so many others, Timothy impacted my life in a tremendously positive way and I am a better man today because of the time that I was fortunate enough to share with him. Tim’s memory will live on as I build my family and attempt to teach my children what Tim taught me: Be adventurous, learn every day (and have fun doing it!), be a great friend, and value your family above all else.”
- Jay Gaudreau, Leawood, KS

“Tim was the rare “relatable genius” - no pretense, no arrogance, no ego … Tim always had time for you, and he always cared.” – Joe Unis, Dallas, Texas

"Tim was the most humble, knowledgeable and helpful person I knew - never hesitating when friends needed help. I clearly remember the first meeting with Tim: We all just arrived in Hong Kong having a 1.5 year MBA journey ahead. I was new to the city, new to the school and did not speak the local language. It was already evening that day and I needed to buy beddings for the student dormitory. In front of the student house Tim and I met the first time. We had a short discussion and I told him that I had to go to the city to get these things. Even though he didn't know me, he directly replied: I know where you can get it and I speak Mandarin, so let me go with you. I was impressed by his answer because we just met 5 minutes ago and he already offered his great help. Tim showed me a local store which was quite far away from the university and helped me buying all the stuff I needed by using his perfect Mandarin skills. Helpfulness, humility and wisdom were among his greatest characteristics and from day to day I learned to appreciate these more and more." - Fabian Schneider Munich, Germany

"Calm, humble, and wise. The deeper I got to know Tim the more I was attracted. He never hesitated offering help on my study. My heart overflowed with gratitude to have Tim as my teammate, advisor, witness of my wedding and all-time friend." - Bella Zhang, China

“Tim really embodied the definition of a gentleman: He had a deep love and respect for his family, which was apparent to all who knew him. He was a loyal, generous, and genuine friend, who always put the comfort of others before himself. Tim had a way of building people up, and people felt at ease when they were around him. He really was kind and respectful to everyone, whether they were family, friend, or a stranger.” - Christian Hourani, Houston

“He was a great friend and an even better person in every aspect....I still remember the time he bought me a cake for my birthday and how he made sure I got home alright when I had a little too much to drink one night. Even when we moved out of the dorms, he was always a gracious host and invited us to gatherings at his house. I'll always remember the smile he always had and the way he always looked out for others before thinking about himself." - Carlson Li, Hong Kong

“I’m fairly certain everyone who met Tim could sense his warm heart, intellect, calmness, and old soul. It was who he was, and he was such a special man in so very many ways. In high school, I loved and was inspired by his book collection – he gave me his copy of Stephen Hawking’s “Brief History of Time,” which I have to this day.

Teachers and all students loved him and his kindness. I remember he particularly showed kindness to people in high school who were not the most popular and were often picked on. That was Tim. He was an amazing man who brought so much to this world, with a genuine spark and twinkle in his eye that everyone who came in contact with him benefited from.

Tim’s love, kindness, and warmth will continue to be dear to me throughout my life...For me, Tim’s friendship and legacy will endure as I share with my children, family, and friends the wonderful friend Tim was to me and the amazing virtues he embodied. “ - Jake Kraft, Seattle

“Tim had a wonderful way of putting you at ease; he took such pleasure in making you smile and had such rich humility. Three strong characteristics stick out in my mind, his devotion to friends, a not-so-great perception of time and an insatiable enthusiasm for life. More than anything, Tim gave the best hugs!!

I remember the first time we met...It was also the first time I met someone else not born Chinese who was passionate about China and had such a strong grasp of the language. We were the two Chinese speaking laowai' who didn't need to go to compulsory Chinese class. As the only two foreign VPs for the China Club, there was a really special connection between us.

Then there was sailing, an area where Tim was quietly a pro by my standards. He and I ended up in the same red eye slot for a 24 hour charity race at Hebe Haven, Tim was Skipper and incidentally full of beans despite there being absolutely no wind and the middle of the night. He was the master of pumping the rudder which at least got us moving. We sat on the water for a few hours, chatting about business and past experiences. Tim was always super busy person, always surrounded by friends: I really cherish having had some quality one-on-one time with him.

I remember the night of his birthday two years ago in LKF, which was a joint party with a German classmate, Fabian, Tim got us all a table at Dragon-i and next to us was a group of guys from Shenzhen who had ordered a bucket of Veuve-Clicquot and were smoking really bad Chinese cigarettes. Tim and I felt so at ease chatting and joking in Chinese with these strangers. In an instant they became our friends." - Sam, South Africa

"A heart of gold and an unparalleled zest for life and the many adventures that it brings. You have touched my life in more ways than you will ever know. I am extremely grateful, proud, and honored to have gotten the chance to call you my friend. Thanks for being a part of my journey in HK. I promise that your legacy will live on forever, especially through Reunion Capital.” - Sandro Aboitiz, Philippines

“About 8 years ago, I was in Shanghai on a work trip and decided to explore on my own after dinner, wandering around an area called Xintiandi, which was recommended to me by the only person I knew who had ever spent time in Shanghai, Tim. I soon found myself lost and with a battery-depleted cell phone. Proceeding to get even more lost and then nervous that I would ever find my way back around this city I'd never been to, I approached the first American-looking folks I'd seen in 30 minutes to ask for directions. "Oh we're headed that way, follow us.", said these ex-pats named Charles and Kevin. After some Q&A while we walked, the fact that I went to Notre Dame came up, and they looked back at me and said at nearly the exact same time, "you don't know Tim O'Shaughnessy, do you?". I don't know that I've ever been more relieved to have found a mutual friend in my life, and I replied back, "of course, Timmy's my cousin."

But what was amazing about this night for me is not the fact that Tim was such an affable, welcoming, and genuine person that he, of course, knew and had befriended the only people I happened to randomly run into in Shanghai (earlier, being lost, I remember thinking 'God, how I wished Tim was living here now so I had someone to call' - how perfectly fateful that I should run into two of his countless friends there). What was more amazing, looking back, is how fondly I remember the Tim-centered conversation during the next two hours with Kevin and Charles, as I wound up joining them for a few beers. Normally, after realizing a mutual connection with someone, you might share a story, but the conversation moves on from there. This night with these two new friends of mine in Shanghai, we literally sat there over beers and told loving, funny and incredible stories about my cousin, batting them back and forth like an endless tennis rally. I wish Tim could hear us now, three people he knew well just sitting over beers and singing his praises all night, story after story about his remarkable intellect, his uncanny wit, his tight bonds with his parents, brothers, sisters and his endless sea of friends like us. I remember this so fondly because at the end of the night, Charles and Kevin and I realized we didn't learn much at all about each other, saying ‘Gosh all we did was tell stories about Tim all night.’
Exactly as we should have.” - Nes Weigand, London

"I’ll always remember you as the smartest most humble guy in the room. You are undeniably patient, genuinely virtuous and always full of smiles. I will remember you as the guy who always forgot he left his apartment door open, helped me understand the world better, had the brightest most ingenuous smile ever. Every time we spoke, I learned something surprising about you and the world.” - Paul Zhang, China

“Tim was such an intelligent and wonderful gentleman. I truly enjoyed the time when we spoke in a mix of English and Mandarin. Tim always had so many exciting stories to tell. You could always learn something new from him. Tim always has smiles on his face. You would always be encouraged, and fee you should be happy and smile too….his smile is always with us.”- Michael Yuan, China

“Always smiling, always casually confident. An old soul.” - Jane & Andy Schlapp, Wichita

“There are so many things to miss about him, but for me it would be the hours we would spend talking at parties so engrossed in a discussion about a book, or history, or economics, or philosophy that we became oblivious to everything around us. I remember once we only called it quits when we realized the sun was coming up.” - Alastair Walling, Atlanta, Georgia

"Tim was one of the most intelligent people I knew and yet he was also one of the most humble and generous. I remember talking about taking up my exchange in Northwestern University in Evanston and Tim immediately mentions: bro, you don't have to spend a dime for lodging there, I'll talk to my relatives and make sure you're accommodated. Tim really had one of the biggest hearts of anyone I knew. He always made sure to volunteer help if anyone needed it." - Ritz Chu, Philippines

"Tim's humor, warm-heart and energy has enlightened my entire MBA journey. We spent a great year together not only as RP team members, but also as great friends. He's always willing to help with no hesitation from the bottom of his heart. Whenever we joked with one another, he had wonderful laughs and smiles...your wonderful and gentle soul will forever remain in my heart." - Jerry Zhu, Shanghai

"Thank you Tim, for being such a wonderful friend to me. You have definitely made a difference in an important stage of my life and I shall cherish the good memories we have together. You will be missed. Will miss listening to your extraordinary points of views on life. Will miss your charisma in standing out amongst the crowd. Will miss your zest in fun and work and everything else about you." - Dave Tan, Singapore

"Tim is one of the smartest and humblest people i have ever seen...I just want you know i am proud of having a classmate as great as Tim and will memorize him forever." - Lambert Wang, China

"Tim is one of the most wonderful people I've had the privilege of knowing in my life. People like Tim are few and far between and the world will be much better off if people shared Tim's love of knowledge, humility and compassion for others." - Jeff Owings Moscow, Russia

"Generally, as a Michigan guy, I really try not to like Notre Dame guys. However, you were such an amazing guy and one of my all-time favorite people, it was impossible to not love you. Your zest for life and passion for people is what made you special." - Sean Ferguson, Associate Dean-HKUST, Hong Kong

"Tim is such a great person and close friend in China club. He bridged west and east culture in our class with his kindness and passion. I still remember the first Chinese culture event we organized, which is a completely failure. We prepared so hard but only one participator in the end, but Tim still cheer the team up and give a serious speech to the only audience." - Alex Yang, Beijing

"We were the study group teammates of Tim...He was the resident big brother of the team but also the most warm hearted. We remember when he went home to get us Kansas City caps to remember him for Christmas...we all have fond memories of working with him, but what will remain with us are the times we shared outside the classroom: the jokes, classic Tim moments and the instances he imparted his life's wisdom to us.” - Jessica Dervyn, France

“Tim was a wonderful person and he spread his warmth to every heart he touched. His enthusiasm for life and everything under the sun shone through in the way he could speak for hours on various topics and his actions and smile. His memory will be with us forever.” - Soumya Mohapatra, Hong Kong

"I will cherish the times we had together at Notre Dame...Every time I saw him at ND, he made me feel special. He was one of those guys who was present when you spoke to him, not someone who was searching for the "next best conversation.” He was salt of the earth, fun, personable, kind, and so many other things...he touched so many people." - Shannon Terschluse, Hayward, Wisconsin

"I'll always remember Timmy as an introspectively bright person who managed to balance his innate understanding of life and the larger picture with a whimsical sense of humor that always put people at ease and drew them in...He was not only one of my favorite cousins but a truly great friend...he has helped so many of us stop and reflect on how we're living our lives. Are we achieving the Good Life? I know I have a long way to go, but I also know that Timmy will always be in the forefront of my consciousness to help guide me along that path." - Blake O'Shaughnessy (cousin), Denver

"As I reflect upon my experiences with Tim I know we shared a connection and a unique bond...and our bond was strengthened by our many discussions of business, pleasure and sport in the years following. I am forever grateful to have known Tim and to encounter his intelligence, his passion and his sense of adventure." - Sutton Morgan, Imperial Valley, California

“From his ability to connect with people and his stubborn and fearless nature that sent him on his pursuits around the world...he was truly a global man with an ability to build bridges wherever he went. The thing that’s most impressive to me is the courage he had to step outside what otherwise could’ve been comfortable and easy paths at the various stages in his life, and do things his way. I doubt there are many times a man’s life in his early thirties can be compared to the Sinatra song, but Tim truly did things his way.” - Wheeler Morgan, Imperial Valley, California

"To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield"

- "Ulysees" by Alfred, Lord Tennyson