Remembering Tim


“Tim was such an intelligent and wonderful gentleman. I truly enjoyed the time when we spoke in a mix of English and Mandarin. Tim always had so many exciting stories to tell. You could always learn something new from him. Tim always has smiles on his face. You would always be encouraged, and feel you should be happy and smile too….his smile is always with us.”
-Michael Yuan,

From Timothy P. O'Shaughnessy, "The Good Life"

“Friendship is a rite of passage. All of us are traveling on a road that goes somewhere. The satisfaction of reaching a destination on that road however, will be sadly lacking if there is no one to share in your triumph. At some time in the future the paths of all friends will be divided, but it is my supreme hope that in the end, my friends and I will reunite in some way. Perhaps in different places or perhaps even in different lives, but to reach that place where we are headed and have those friends of whom you started with, would be amongst the greatest joys.”

The O'Shaughnessy family posing for a picture poolside at the Foundation Golf Tournament

Timothy had such an amazing sense of adventure

“Timothy had such an amazing sense of adventure….Timothy was never afraid to explore new places and instilled a sense of adventure and confidence in those around him. Sometimes I would worry about him traveling about in unknown lands by himself but I also knew that he was completely comfortable in solitude. Most people would be nervous to travel to a remote Chinese province and be the only Westerner around for hundreds of miles but not Tim. He simply looked forward to what he was about to discover….Tim’s memory will live on as I build my family and attempt to teach my children what Tim taught me: Be adventurous, learn every day (and have fun doing it!), be a great friend, and value your family above all else.”

Jay Gaudreau
Kansas City, Missouri

Tim had a very curious side

“There are so many things to miss about him, but for me it would be the hours we would spend talking at parties so engrossed in a discussion about a book, or history, or economics, or philosophy that we became oblivious to everything around us. I remember once we only called it quits when we realized the sun was coming up.”

Alastair Walling
Atlanta, Georgia

“Tim was one of the most intelligent people I knew and yet he was also one of the most humble and generous…Tim really had one of the biggest hearts of anyone I knew. He always made sure to volunteer help if anyone needed it.”
Ritz Chu
“Tim was humble when had every excuse not to be. Always more proud of his friends and family’s accomplishments above his own. A cross-cultural renaissance man. The most interesting man in the world.”
Jordan Blumenthal
“Timothy had smart ideas, lots of knowledge, and an interesting new perspective. I thought he will either take over the business-world or become president of the USA.”
Niklas Vesely
“I’ll always remember the smile he always had and the way he always looked out for others before thinking about himself.”
Carlson Li
Hong Kong
“Tim was the rare “relatable genius” - no pretense, no arrogance, no ego … Tim always had time for you, and he always cared.”
Joe Unis
Dallas, Texas
“It was in order to meet people like you that a lot of us chose to pursue an MBA. You will always be remembered for your passion, intelligence, and love of people from different backgrounds and walks of life.”
Daniel de Seixas
Bogota, Colombia