Because learning is not limited to a classroom or an academic calendar . . .

We believe learning is a continual, lifelong exercise incorporating all elements of one’s experience; this journey does not end when you receive a certificate or degree.  We want to support and encourage all ongoing learning, academic and applied, in traditional and non-traditional formats.  We encourage students to let their passion and sense of exploration be their guide!

Dare To Be Different!

We designed our scholarship to be as dynamic and individual as the students we support. Factors such as school selection, scholarships, and educational path can impact how and when we can best help. We will work with each student to identify needs and resources, and match our support accordingly.


Maximum Assistance over lifetime of award (ten years):  $100,000 per student

We partner with our students long term. Full time students pursuing their undergraduate degree or similar certificate may receive up to $5,000 per semester / $10,000 per year.  Students are encouraged to continue their lifelong education through means that best fit their interests and fields of study. Continuing students may apply for funds based on their individual learning opportunities.  Our directors will determine individual annual amounts based on the student’s demonstration of embracing the goals of the foundation, funds available, and costs.


  • Students currently enrolled as high school senior at one of the schools listed below
  • At least one of the following criteria:  ACT score of 26, SAT score of 1240, or GPA of 3.6
  • Must be legal citizen of the United States and resident of Kansas
  • Desired qualities / activities
    • Well rounded, multi-faceted
    • Extraordinary leadership in sports, the arts, or other team-oriented extracurricular activities or clubs such as National Honor Society.
  • Demonstrate personal character within the traits that guided Timothy’s journey:
    • Integrity
    • Intellectual Curiosity
    • Exploratory Spirit
    • Leadership
    • Humility
    • Compassion
    • Inclusivity
    • Loyalty
    • Courage
    • Iconoclastic
    • Worldly Interest in Language
    • Academic Merit

For a brief description review Characteristics of Timothy on the home page.

Nomination required!

Student must be nominated by school counselor or nominating committee, limit of 2 nominations per school per year.


Public High Schools 

  • Andover Central High School
  • Andover High School
  • Campus High School
  • Circle High School
  • Derby High School
  • Eisenhower High School
  • Goddard High School
  • Haysville High School
  • Maize High School
  • Maize South High School
  • Valley Center High School
  • Wichita East High School
  • Wichita Heights High School
  • Wichita North High School
  • Wichita Northeast Magnet School
  • Wichita Northwest High School
  • Wichita South High School
  • Wichita Southeast High School
  • Wichita West High School

Private High Schools 

  • Bishop Carroll Catholic High School
  • Central Christian Academy
  • Classical School of Wichita
  • Faith Academy of Wichita
  • Independent School
  • Kapaun Mt. Carmel Catholic High School
  • Life Preparatory Academy
  • Sunrise Christian Academy
  • Trinity Academy
  • Wichita Collegiate

(For High School Counselors or nominating committee)

September 1st: Link will be emailed for online nomination.
Deadline:  September 30th

  • Authorized person from each school must complete online nomination form.
  • Students will be notified by the Foundation of their nomination and provided instructions for application.

(Nominated students will be emailed a link to our online application) 

Deadline:  October 31st

  • Student must complete online Application (includes online upload of resume, photo and essay or video)
  • Two letters of recommendation (submitted directly by authors)
  • Official Transcript or ACT Score Report


Completed, eligible application packets will be reviewed by the Timothy P. O’Shaughnessy Foundation selection committee. 

December:  Selected finalists will be invited to interview in person with Board of Directors of the Timothy P. O’Shaughnessy Foundation. 

December 31:  Winner(s) will be announced and all students will be notified of their status.


To receive scholarship funds from the Foundation, each winner must provide the following material each semester: 

  • Student account statement from school showing class enrollment and fees
  • Financial Documents showing school expenses and all financial aid

Upon approval of documentation, Foundation will issue a check for each semester of award directly to the school, along with memo of understanding.


(For use when student successfully completes a minimum of 24 credit hours since the previous August 1, with a cumulative GPA of 3.6 or above and is in good standing with their school and community, or as determined satisfactory by the Directors.)

Deadline:  June 1 annually

Student must submit the following: 

  • Official transcript from prior school year
  • Documentation for all financial aid to date
  • Written essay (no longer than 3 pages).  Essay should cover the following:
    • What did you do over the last year, how have you grown?
    • How can you show you’ve embraced the purpose and goals of the Foundation?
    • How did you spend the award money?
    • What are your future plans / aspirations?

If approved, procedures listed under AWARD ADMINISTRATION will repeat for another year.   

For answers to frequent questions