"I have always believed that learning is a life-long process, and this foundation has been my greatest ally in leading a life of intellectual curiosity, exploration, and action."

Jordan Tran 


Duke University
Durham, NC 

Declared Programs:
Cell and Molecular Biology Major
Sociology Minor

High School:

Maize South High School, 2020
Maize, KS

Activities and Interests:

Wichita native Jordan Tran of Maize South High School was selected as a finalist for the 2020 Lifelong Learning scholarship. His parents are Thu and Le Tran, and he has one older sister, Jessica, and one older brother, Jason.

Jordan currently works as a research intern for the Duke University School of Medicine Department of Radiation Oncology. The overall goal of the research program is to improve the survivorship of cancer patients by minimizing acute and long-term side effects of radiation therapy as well as investigate novel medical countermeasures against acute radiation syndrome in the scenarios of nuclear terrorism.

Jordan plans to earn a degree in molecular biology with a minor in sociology, attend medical school, and possibly pursue an MBA.

His interest in medicine grew after traveling to his father’s birthplace in Vietnam to visit relatives.

“I want to be a doctor because I’ve gone to Vietnam before and other parts of the U.S., and have seen people that can’t afford healthcare or to get the care they need.”  Jordan said.   He plans to be a part of delivering that care to underserved populations.

During his high school career, Jordan completed numerous advanced placement courses, taught chemistry to other students in the community as part of the Maize South Chemistry Club, and volunteered with several organizations including the Tanganyika Wildlife Park and the Community Adjuvabit Club of Wichita.

Although Jordan’s community and school involvement spans many organizations, his roles in Math Club and Social Justice Club have been particularly meaningful for him.  Jordan says these clubs allowed him to develop leadership skills, tutor other students, and identify problems around the world and how students can help address them.

Jordan is grateful for the O’Shaughnessy Foundation’s initiative and looks forward to utilizing this award to further his education.

“I know college is very expensive and I didn’t know what I was going to be able to afford,” Jordan said. “It’s really nice to have that support system and make that transition to college easier.