Raif Morgan Secures Internship at Schwan’s Plant in Salina, KS


Raif has accepted the position of Production Operations Management intern at the Schwan’s Plant in Salina, KS. During the 12 week summer internship he’ll manage production, packaging, and bakery lines, ensuring compliance with company and USDA standards. His role involves supervising employees, fostering skills development, ensuring safety measures and policy management, and contributing to a dynamic, fast-paced work environment.

Raif eagerly anticipates collaborating with teams, fostering creativity, and embracing the challenges that demand innovative problem-solving approaches. He looks forward to the role’s creative latitude and the daily immersion in diverse scenarios, fostering continual growth.

“I’m hoping to gain a lot of knowledge about the field of operations, especially some of the inner workings of food manufacturing. It has always been a great interest of mine to know what is going on behind the scenes when our foods and beverages are being sourced, manufactured, and packaged! I also believe that interning at Schwan’s this next summer will give me countless opportunities to be in a problem-solving leadership role. It is my hope that being in this role will allow me to continuously learn new things about myself, especially my style of problem-solving and leadership, and how they can be adapted to any situation in my professional life,” says Raif.