Kanagy Earns Dual Degrees


We are thrilled to announce that Ben Kanagy, Trinity Academy, 2021, has graduated with two degrees from two colleges within three years. Ben earned a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Kansas State University and a Bachelor of Science in Bible/Theology from Manhattan Christian College.
This summer, Ben is dedicating time to family, working as a welder for Desert Steel, and getting a head start on his Greek studies in preparation for his postgraduate education.
In the fall, Ben will begin to pursue a Master of Arts degree in Biblical Exegesis at Wheaton College, where he has been awarded a top scholarship.
Congratulations, Ben! We wish you the best of luck in your future academic endeavors!has graduated with two degrees from two colleges within three years.

Kanagy Commits to Graduate School


We are thrilled to announce that Ben Kanagy, Trinity Academy, 2021, has recently accepted a top scholarship for graduate school at Wheaton College! Ben will commence his journey towards a Master of Arts degree in Biblical Exegesis this coming August, following his (double) graduation in May.

The program at Wheaton College is designed to be one of the most rigorous platforms for delving into the profound intricacies of biblical texts, encompassing their original languages and rich cultural and historical contexts. Starting this fall, Ben will be taking both Greek and Hebrew language classes.

Wheaton’s interdisciplinary approach ensures that Ben can explore various fields of study, including the psychology program. It is noteworthy that Wheaton College’s graduate program has a track record of sending students to top doctoral programs annually, opening up Ben’s future academic pursuits.

Beyond academia, Ben is excited about residing in Chicago and enjoying their jazz music.

Ben remarked, ” Both of my undergraduate degrees were pretty broad, so I’m excited to get to focus more narrowly on my interest in biblical texts, languages, and their cultural-historical contexts. A major reason I chose Wheaton was the faculty, who are world-class scholars and whose work I’ve read much of over the years. It’s a bit unreal that I’ll now get to work closely with them in my master’s program!”

Congratulations, Ben! We are excited to see what this next chapter holds for you!

Ben Kanagy embraces cultural immersion in India and South Africa


Ben Kanagy, concluding his semester at Kansas State University, is about to embark on an eventful break. He will begin with an eight-day cultural exploration in Kolkata, India, alongside fellow K-State students. This informal trip involves visits to temples, cultural ceremonies, and the anticipation of experiencing a traditional goat sacrifice, a highlight for Ben.

His curiosity about Hinduism, sparked during a World Religions course, drives his interest in firsthand cultural experiences. He aims to bridge classroom learning with real-world encounters, especially after immersing himself in the Bhagavad Gita. “This semester in my World Religions class I learned about Hinduism and even read the Gitas, but now I get to actually meet people and share in their way of life. We’re going to get to go to temples and ceremonies,” Ben states.

Following his Indian sojourn, Ben will head to Johannesburg, South Africa, for a two-week reunion with his older brother, marking their first meeting since his brother relocated there to work at a local university.

Throughout his travels, Ben plans to share updates and insights upon his return, offering glimpses into his cultural explorations across these diverse destinations.