“I hope to uphold and instill the values Timothy cherished throughout his life. As Timothy did with all of his endeavors, I am committed to putting my all into everything I do."

Honesty Beaton


Fort Hays State University
Hays, KS 


Computer Science


High School:
East High School, 2022
Wichita, KS

Activities and Interests:

Honesty Beaton, a senior at East High School, was selected as a recipient of the 2022 Timothy P. O’Shaughnessy Lifelong Learning Scholarship. She is the oldest of three children born to Shyeva Shields.

Honesty plans to study computer science in college. She always enjoyed helping her family members and friends with their technological issues, leading to a keen interest in technology. She wishes to become a programmer who specializes in software and game development. She hopes to make large-scale and small indie games that invoke feelings of comfort and happiness within players who will enjoy them timelessly. She also dreams of creating applications and software that help and connect people. Along with computer science and game design, Honesty has a passion for language learning and would like to become fluent in either American Sign Language or Japanese during her time in college. In her eyes, languages are the core building blocks that help connect people and cultures, and she wants to break down these barriers to form deeper connections with people.

Honesty has developed her passions by taking a diverse class list and honors classes in high school.  Honesty took drawing and painting classes that further ignited her passion for digital art, which she continues to create in her free time. She has also taken computer programming classes which further strengthened her passion for technology as she loves troubleshooting issues with her coding and successfully creating small applications. She has been highly motivated throughout, excelling through all her classes while maintaining a 4.0 GPA. In 2020, Honesty acquired her first job, where she continues to learn many life-long skills such as communication, problem-solving, leadership, and teamwork skills.  She was one of 6 Valedictorians to graduate in her class and was recognized as one of the top scholarship recipients for East High. 

Honesty is new to East High School but has already made a positive impact on her teachers and peers.  During lunch, Honesty frequents the East High College and Career Center. She assists Ms. Kennedy with incoming students and their college inquiries while also being a member of a small mentorship with other students who focus on their future career and college plans.

Honesty is excited for the future ahead of her and the path she will pave. She looks forward to the new experiences she will gain, challenges she will overcome, and eventually traveling internationally. Honesty aspires to help others while leaving a lasting impact on those around her, upholding the characteristics and values Timothy has consistently shown. Honesty looks forward to the journey ahead of her and is immensely grateful to the Timothy P. O’Shaughnessy Foundation.re