2021 Timothy P. O’Shaughnessy Foundation Lifelong Learning Scholarship Recipients

Tamilore Adeagbo

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Tami Adeagbo of Goddard Eisenhower High School is one of two recipients of the 2021 Timothy O’Shaughnessy Lifelong Scholarship.

She was born in Edison, New Jersey, and has lived in Wichita, Kansas for ten years. Her parents are Dele and Bose Adeagbo, and she has two younger sisters, Tumi and Toni.

Tami plans to further her educational journey with the scholarship to earn a bachelor’s degree in Microbiology/Molecular Genetics with a minor emphasis in Psychology, and then attend medical school.

Her interest in biology and healthcare began at a young age but increased after volunteering at Wesley Medical Hospital throughout three summers. She spent most of her time working on the Pediatrics floor. “Spending many hours in a hospital setting helped me appreciate what healthcare professionals do and reinforced my plans to become a physician.” She further immersed herself in the field of biology by completing an internship at Terre Haute Regional Hospital’s Microbiology lab in Terre Haute, Indiana.

Tami has a long and diverse list of extracurricular activities and community engagements. As her school’s Executive Council Vice President, National Honor Society’s Social Media/Activity chair, a violinist in her school’s orchestra, an athlete on the woman’s golf and soccer teams, active in taekwondo, and co-founder of her district’s Diversity/Inclusion Council, she has mastered the art of time-management. When asked, “Which one of your many activities is your favorite?” she responded by saying, “I don’t have a favorite. All my activities showcase a different side of me, whether it be my creative, athletic, musical, leadership, or academic skills. They all combine to make me the person I am now and will guide me in my future endeavors.”

Tami has not yet chosen what University she will attend in the fall. She plans to attend a school that is consistent with her plans to pursue international academic opportunities by studying abroad, researching, and obtaining a well-rounded education.  Many of Timothy’s key traits resonated with Tami, but one, in particular, is Intellectual Curiosity. “I believe curiosity is one of my main driving factors. It pushed me to participate in activities outside of my comfort zone and helped create things I never thought possible. When I read about Timothy’s life, I was moved by how he constantly asked his family “Why?” Like him, I see myself as an adventurous spirit, and I hope to make a difference in the world as he did,” she said.

Hayden Tyson

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Hayden Tyson of The Independent School is one of two recipients of the 2021 Timothy P. O’Shaughnessy Lifelong Learning Scholarship.

Hayden moved to Wichita in 2006 with his parents, Jonathan and Jennifer Tyson, and older brother, Henry. Having lived in Illinois, Georgia, Colorado and now Kansas, he has learned the valuable art of adapting to different environments, and is surprised how easy it’s been to consider Kansas his home.

While at The Independent, Hayden has found meaning and value in many extracurricular endeavors, such as his membership with the National Honor Society. “Being a part of NHS is less about one’s ability to meet high academic standards and more about making a genuine effort to benefit others without compensation.” Leading other members as his school’s NHS President, by facilitating opportunities such as Red Cross blood drives, has been among his proudest achievements in high school.

Hayden has also made a point to challenge himself academically with the rigorous schedule of coursework needed to attain his AP Capstone Diploma upon graduation in the Spring of 2021. Hayden’s most enriching accomplishment was in the completion of his AP Research course, for which he received a final score of 5. To complete this year-long, original research project, he was tasked with developing novel measures to ensure more accurate results for dyslexic participants undergoing cognitive concussion testing. This research was unprecedented in nature, and deemed a valuable addition to current testing.

At this time, Hayden hasn’t decided where he will attend college in the fall, but is determined to focus his studies within the fields of psychology and neuroscience. “I’m interested in discoveries that can positively change perceptions of human behavior.”That’s his end game — to develop solutions that will inevitably enhance the life of anyone struggling with a full spectrum of cognitive limitation, ranging from occasional social anxiety to debilitating mental illness.

“Every human being has to navigate through their own set of mental obstacles. My internal conflicts are just as specific and personal, and they have helped me realize an intellectual interest in the human mind. More importantly, they have helped to fuel my empathy, patience and understanding for others. I’m driven to unlock solutions for an individual’s private circumstances, but I can’t begin to do that without first putting in the hard work of learning all I can to validate those solutions.

“The more I learn, the more humility I gain by what I don’t yet know. Psychological discovery can be unlocked by anyone curious enough to dig deeper. I’m committed to and passionate about continuous learning, and extremely fortunate to have this opportunity as a catalyst.”