"The scholarship and network provided to me by the Timothy O'Shaughnessy Foundation has empowered me to strive, seek, and find connections and opportunities that will allow me to further my lifelong passion for learning."

Toller Phipps


Arizona State University 
Tempe, AZ


Electrical Engineering

High School:

Wichita Heights High School, 2022
Wichita, KS

 Activities and Interests:

Toller Phipps, a 2022 Lifelong Learning Scholarship recipient, is a former Wichita Heights Falcon and the son of Brian and Hilary Phipps.  He has a fiery little sister, Magnolia, who is the catalyst for many of his life choices.

Toller graduated high school as a Valedictorian and Outstanding senior and is now well into his academic career in the field of electrical engineering with an emphasis in renewable energies at Arizona State University.  He is also a part of the Barrett Honors College at ASU.  

His interest in engineering grew during his freshman year in High School when he, along with his partner, became the Kansas State Champions in Mobile Robotics.  While placing 16th at Nationals Toller cultivated relationships with other like minded peers that fostered his resolve to work on green solutions to energy problems.  His graduate level studies will be in politics and law.  As a chosen participant in the ACLU’s National Advocacy Institute, and the big brother to his sister Magnolia who has Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome, Toller plans on being a supporter, and a voice, to those who do not always have one.

Toller has already begun his path in politics.  Toller is the current Co-President of the ASU Alexander Hamilton Society chapter, a foreign policy and national security organization promoting strong and principled American leadership in global affairs.  In addition Toller is a former President of Peer Leaders and The National Honor Society and has volunteered as a poll worker for county elections. 

Learning from others is a trait that Toller fosters by participating in as many diverse classes, clubs and activities as he can fit into a day.  By participating in ASU clubs that celebrate the spirit and pride of being a Sun Devil, attending upper level international law classes and assisting with a myriad of volunteer opportunities Toller continues to engage his interests while always taking the opportunity to learn from others and hear their many different life experiences.  By listening to others and trying to understand all sides Toller sees a parallel with Timothy O’Shaughnessy whose traits of caring and humility were a key part of him.  

Toller can’t wait to utilize the support given to him by being part of the Timothy O’Shaughnessy Foundation in hopes to continue to show the world the traits and qualities that Timothy possessed.