“When it comes to lifelong learning, curiosity is key. Having a curious spirit and learning something new everyday is what I strive for, and the O’Shaughnessys are helping me every step of the way. It is Timothy’s curious spirit and the family’s undying support that continue to feed my curiosity and guide me to a world full of possibilities.”

Raif Morgan 

Wichita State University
Wichita, KS

Declared Major:
Bachelor’s of Business Management

High School:
Derby High School, 2021
Derby, KS

Activities and Interests:

Raif Morgan graduated from Derby High School in 2021 and is the oldest of three children born to Ryan and Cortney Morgan.

Raif’s academic interest lies in business and how to run and effectively operate one. He is planning on majoring in Business Administration with a Bachelor’s degree. It is a generalized degree, and Raif may plan on narrowing down the focus on a certain aspect of business in the future. He is hoping to own a business someday, though he is still unsure of what kind of business.  History fascinates him because of how it affects humanity, and how grand events of the past can shape the world and who we are today. Taking the AP European History class really opened his eyes to this aspect, and he continues to learn about various events in history and their impact as a source of entertainment and a side hobby.  

Raif’s true passion in life is to travel and immerse himself with other cultures. Being nominated as a student ambassador to Canada in 2014 through People to People International was the springboard for this passion. In 2018, he was nominated to travel to Western Europe, where he was able to connect with the local populace of 7 countries by performing music in a Kansas band. Raif continues to nurture this international spirit even at home, by participating in programs like WSU’s International Buddy Program.  In Raif’s first fall semester, he was paired with a foreign exchange student to the university, and Raif’s goal was to not only show him around Wichita and our culture, but also to listen about his buddy’s culture and homeland.  This was a fulfilling cultural experience for Raif and he hopes he will be able to do it again in the future with his time at Wichita State.  

Raif acquired his first job as a kennel assistant at 15 years old, where he worked for three years. He then got his second job as a pharmacy clerk at Dillons at age 18, and as of turning 19 he is training to be a pharmacy technician. Working these jobs has allowed him to gain a greater sense of responsibility, and he has also learned a great deal about customer service and interacting with the public. This has made him a better communicator and customer service employee, and he hopes to use these skills in his future endeavors with business.

Raif is part of WSU’s shooting team; he enjoys shotgun sports and shooting trap, skeet, and sporting clays.  He completed a course in Scuba diving through the school and became certified as an open water scuba diver. 

Raif has accepted the Production Operations Management intern position at the Schwan’s Plant in Salina, KS. During the 12-week summer internship, he’ll manage production, packaging, and bakery lines, ensuring compliance with company and USDA standards. His role involves supervising employees, fostering skills development, ensuring safety measures and policy management, and contributing to a dynamic, fast-paced work environment. 

He is honored that he was chosen to represent the remarkable qualities that Timothy shared with the world during his journey.